White Girl Problem #1: One curled hair

First of all, welcome to White Girl Problems (and Possible Solutions) where we explore the many difficult problems I, as a very white girl, face. I’d love to give you solutions if you are also a white girl with a problem. Feel free to email me at whitegirlproblemsandsolutions@gmail.com.

So, my first white girl problem: My naturally straight hair (which only takes about five minutes to dry) usually doesn’t need much fussing with, but today there was one single curl on my left side, just above my ear.

Possible Solutions:

1. Sit in my room and cry because this obviously means I’m hideous.

2. Cut all my hair off.

3. Curl the rest of my hair.

4. Be really self conscious about it all day and say things like “Ugh, my hair is so ugly always. I just hate it sooooooo much.”

5. Put my hair in an elaborate up-do, taking an extra half hour to get ready.

You guys decide.


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