White Girl Problem #2: My first cavity

Today I get my first cavity filling EVER because my parents could afford fluoride treatments and enamel sealants when I was young. (We aren’t counting the 9 pulled teeth and nearly 4 years of braces.)

Possible Solutions:

1. Do my hair and make-up extra pretty for the older, married dentist, to make up for my one cavity.

2. Cry periodically throughout the day.

3. Use it to get pity for a week.

4. Use it in future backhanded compliments. Ex: “Oh you have a filling today? I’ve only ever had to get one. My teeth are just really great. But I also had to get 9 teeth pulled because my teeth are SOOOOO big. You’re lucky yours aren’t.”

5. Act like an invalid for a couple days and demand all things be brought to me.

You decide:


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